Our Approach

Over the past decades we have perfected our approach to treat every client’s individual need holistically by pulling resources from a broad network of industry and legal experts.

We represent corporate and individual clients in complex business transactions and commercial disputes, by combining a deep industry knowledge across a diverse group of lawyers and practice groups, helping clients achieve their goals, whether resolving a dispute, getting the deal done, or just planning for the future.

Bosco Noguera Mayorga, Managing Partner

Our Story

In 1958, Dr. Rolando Mayorga founded this Law Firm in Managua with Dr. Joaquín Cuadra and other prestigious Lawyers.

Our Firm’s partnership has undergone three important transitions since its founding:

1958 – 1979 – Cuadra, Morales, Mayorga, Valdivia 

1989 – 2000 – Mayorga, Valdivia, Rivas & Escobar 

2000 – 2018 – Mayorga, MG & Associates 

2019 – Mayorga Law Firm